Financing for Bruised Credit 

  • Insured mortgages typically necessitate a credit score of 600 or higher, a criterion commonly upheld by banks as well.
  • Individuals with poor credit may explore mortgage options with B lenders or private mortgage lenders.
  • Numerous private mortgage lenders impose no minimum credit score requirement, making them suitable for those with poor credit.
  • Bad credit mortgages are intended as a temporary solution while borrowers work on improving their credit.
  • These mortgages often entail higher interest rates and potentially increased fees.
  • Some banks extend special mortgages to newcomers lacking a Canadian credit history.

Having a subpar credit score can hinder mortgage eligibility, especially with lenders imposing minimum credit score thresholds. Generally, a credit score below 600 is considered unfavorable. Lenders willing to accommodate borrowers with poor credit typically require higher mortgage rates, making it a costly status. As bad credit mortgages are typically short-term measures, their usual term length ranges from 6 months to 2 years, during which borrowers are expected to enhance their credit. Alternatively, individuals with strong familial or friendship ties may consider asking a creditworthy relation to cosign with a traditional lender offering lower rates.

How to Secure a Mortgage with Poor Credit

  • Assess your credit score to gauge potential lender perceptions, especially if it falls below 680.
  • Scrutinize your credit report for errors or lingering payments affecting your score.
  • Evaluate whether your credit suffices for an affordable mortgage, considering that alternative lenders may charge higher interest rates.

Seek a mortgage broker experienced in alternative lending:

Collaborate with a broker with expertise in alternative lending to enhance your chances of securing a favorable rate.
Brokers can advocate for your creditworthiness, emphasizing positive trends and current financial standing, even if historical events impacted your credit.

Obtain pre-approval for a mortgage:

Regardless of your credit score, securing a mortgage pre-approval is essential before venturing into the housing market.
Pre-approval offers a realistic estimate of potential lending, crucial for making informed property decisions.

Compare mortgage offers:

Don’t settle for the first offer; explore multiple options.
If working with a broker, they may negotiate for a better deal.
Independently comparing offers is essential, considering rates, fees, terms, and total costs for an informed decision.

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