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A lifelong athlete, Mathew has always held a passion for business and competition. Following the completion of his Economics studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, he swiftly assumed the role of Head of the Research Department at J.J. Barnicke Whitney. Concurrently working full-time, he pursued Real Estate courses and initiated his career as a Commercial Real Estate Agent at DTZ Barnicke in Waterloo. Eventually, he secured a coveted position on Canada’s premier land acquisition and development team.

Years of rigorous schedules and stringent deadlines provided Mathew with valuable insights into the strategies employed by top brokerages to distinguish themselves in a competitive market.

After the subprime market crash of 2008, Mathew seized a promising opportunity through a connection with a family friend to work in the Brownfield Remediation sector, specifically with WaterfrontTO.

Unwilling to endure a lengthy commute, Mathew redirected his career by accepting a role offered by a Guelph-based developer. Initially hired as a bookkeeper for a company overseeing three projects, he quickly contributed value and played a pivotal role in expanding the firm to 19 projects with a cumulative value exceeding $800 million. During his tenure, he held two executive positions, serving as the Director of Finance and the Director of Operations and Planning.

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In a disappointing turn of events, while out for a run, Mathew realized that something health-wise was amiss. After weeks in the ICU, it was revealed that he was battling Blood Cancer, specifically Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s T Cell Lymphoma.

During the initial rounds of chemotherapy, Mathew recognized that downtime was not acceptable to him. With the assistance of former clients, he founded his first company, Huron Development Consulting, which continues to operate successfully. This venture allowed him to reintegrate into the real estate field, assuming roles such as a transaction coordinator, Brokerage director of operation, and senior development manager, among others.

Throughout the phases of treatment and recovery, both his Real Estate and Mortgage Licenses expired. As of April 1, 2023, he has regained his Mortgage license and is a few months away from reclaiming his Real Estate license.

Now focusing on mortgage financing and employed by the industry-leading Mortgage Intelligence, Mathew is savoring a renewed perspective on life, prioritizing family, enduring relationships, and personal and professional growth.

These days, you’ll find him leisurely swimming at Wilfrid Laurier and running at a more relaxed pace along the Speed River in Guelph.

With values centered around perseverance, loyalty, and dedication, Mathew stands as an excellent choice as your Mortgage Agent for current and future real estate endeavors.